Commercial Services

When it comes to the commercial building sector, Consite has concrete construction experience with projects big and small. We’ll tackle all sizes and complexities of jobs - our team has seen and worked through it all. 

As an indemnified City of Calgary contractor, you can trust us to handle both your on-site and off-site scopes of work eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple contractors.

Commercial building services is the most expansive sector within our portfolio. Over the years we have worked with some of the biggest commercial developers, and general contractors out there. We’ve proven to be reputable, timely, and proficient.

In the commercial construction sector, there are many similarities from one jobs to the next. Off-site and on-site components, decorative bands, garbage pads, and working in unison with other sub-trades on busy construction sites are things we are accustomed to. For the unique challenges out there, we've got the best top-level, on-site managers with strong communication abilities to handle any problems that might arise. 



Commercial Services

Sidewalks       Curb & Gutter       Pinned & Deep Curbs       Garbage Aprons       Door Pads    

Planters & Retaining Walls       Tree Trenches       Laneways       Stairs

Removals: Sawcut, Breakout, Disposal of Existing Concrete and Asphalt


Commercial Projects