About Us


 Consite has kicked off 2018 by making a big move, we’ve expanded our services!

Concrete and Paving construction will continue to be the staple of our business but we’ve added experienced personnel and high quality equipment to offer milling  services as well. In recent years, the road construction industry has gravitated towards a more consolidated “one-stop-shop” type of service offering. We hope that this move is a signal to all the large developers and general contractors out there that Consite is a great option to use on projects of all sizes. No more communicating and coordinating with several vendors for your site services, Consite can do it all while delivering quality results at competitive rates.

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While the evolution of our business is taking place, we continue to draw from our decades of construction experience to deliver high quality, and efficient production as we approach our 25th Birthday. 

At Consite, we all come to work every day because we know that as part of a team, we’re all important players. From our original founders to our freshest new employee, it takes everybody pushing in the same direction to achieve greatness. We’re a company that avoids the bells & whistles to focus on the things that matter most; our people, our customers, and our results. 


Our Promise

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Safety Culture

It is a sign of respect to your co-workers and other contractors on site that you go about your business in a safe and ethical manner.

"everybody gets home safe, every time." 


Quality Guarantee

We offer a workmanship warranty of 1 year on all our jobs. When working on city property, we're required to offer a 2 year warranty.

"There is no reason your new concrete shouldn't last without defect."



Managing deadlines and multiple projects, can lead to stressful times in the field. That is when your track record and mutual trust come to the forefront.

"You're only as good as your last job."

team work

Team Work

Optimal team performance develops over time. Because our core principles as a company instill loyalty we have very low employee turnover. Thus, we have crew with years of experience working together as a team.