Civil Infrastructure Services

civil infrastructure

As our city grows and re-shapes, so too does our need to have high quality road construction, fit to standard specifications and built to last. Consite has delivered quality road construction services on a number of large scale civil infrastructure projects in Calgary and other parts of Southern Alberta. 

Whether we’re working directly with Alberta Transportation, the City of Calgary, or another large municipality or developer, we’ve earned their trust by delivering quality results over and over again. 

As a city indemnified contractor we’re part of a short list of well-established, reputable, bonded, and insured companies that are qualified to do work on government property. By being in this exclusive group, we’re required to guarantee our work on public jobs for 2 years.


Civil Services

Curb & Gutter     New Jersey Barriers     Swales     Berm Preparation     Catch Basins     Manholes     Water Valves  

  Light & Heavy Duty Asphalt     Separate and Monolithic Sidewalks


Civil Infrastructure Projects